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COVID-19 Help Team

As the Crisis Response Team (CRT) at Every Nation Rosebank our intention is to be the hands and feet of Christ during this exceptionally difficult time in our nation. In anticipation of the implications of Covid-19 we had set up a receiving area at the church prior to the lockdown where we began to collect essential food items and toiletries. We have continued to request such donations since the restrictions were put in place and to this end we have managed to get a couple of volunteers accredited with the necessary permits to allow them to drive around at this time.

We have been able to set up a dedicated bank account for the CRT where we can receive donations to assist with our work. We have been able to partner with certain causes that have been identified by our team, one of which has been a homeless shelter in dire need of assistance. In addition to setting up the bank account we have been able to form a relationship with a local small business that is able to source, supply and deliver essential food items to the church. We are aware that responding to the Covid-19 pandemic will be a marathon race and not a sprint. We will therefore continue to look for needs within our communities and wherever possible, and according to our means, we will endeavour to assist those we can. Our work will be enhanced through monetary donations as well as ongoing donations of food and toiletries. The Crisis Response Team’s banking details, as well as lists of the items that may be donated, can be found on the Every Nation Rosebank website.


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