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Missions Report

Dear family, just a testimony from our Wednesday CRT (crises response team) led by our Joburg Ten Days missions team.

We started 4 weeks ago by giving people in distress a hot meal on a Wednesday morning, ministering in discovery groups of 4 people per group (with the necessary social distance regulations intact).

We scheduled hour appointments starting at 09:00-13:00 with no more than 30 people per slot. Recipients arrive and sign in and get pre-screened and checked for fever and possible signs of COVID 19. After they receive a bowl of fresh hot soup and bread rolls, they will join a discovery group where after each session they will receive a basic food parcel.

For the first two weeks we focus primarily on establishing relationship with group leaders and pray and minister into needs.

Last week we started our intention to lead conversation towards making disciples. We used a combination of God Test questions and a discovery verse giving a biblical response to those questions. We started focusing on the first two questions of the God Test with John 3:16 as our discovery verse.

Yesterday we spoke about two things, our aim was to prompt people’s hearts with relationship vs religion and we used Mark 1:16-17, Jesus inviting us into relationship as our discovery verse.

None of our team briefs were to chase for salvation but to build relational discipleship with the focus to lead people to discovering God.

Yesterday we witnessed the following:

5 People out of their own accord asked the question: “How can I have a relationship with Jesus, and can you help us?”

We were just obedient to love and faithfulness in open conversation about God. The Holy Spirit brought conviction and God did the saving of souls.

Secondly we saw many of our team getting equipped and empowered to make disciples. One such testimony from yesterday was, a team member that had her very first encounter with helping someone to come to know Jesus. Just as the disciples in Luke 10 returning, she could not conceal the joy and excitement.

She always wanted to start a connect group before, but now she said, "I know I can", armed with more confidence and knowing that Jesus was with her.

We've seen lives changed and believers equipped for the work of ministry.

Have a great Day




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