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Update from Mozambique

It is with great joy that I share more about what God is doing in Mozambique. The church plant in Maputo is growing continually with now 33 people officially part of the church. 85% of these people got saved in the past 2 years and we are trusting God for further multiplication as we all, together, live to follow Jesus and make disciples. We aim to intentionally build a culture where Christ is at the centre, with a very high value on reaching the lost. It has been and still is an amazing journey to see new Christ followers become part of the church and even become leaders who take ownership of the church and its mission. In November 2019 we did our first Making Disciples Training, and the result has just been amazing. Our students are sharing the gospel more boldly on campus and truly walking unashamed for Jesus. We are trusting Jesus for many new salvations this year.

We are meeting on Sundays where we share testimonies, pray together and worship God. We also do a Bible discovery together where we aim to apply what we've learned. We have already become like a family. We are friends and love spending time together, whether it is on Sundays or during the week. The fellowship is awesome.

We plan on having a Victory Training in March and another Making Disciples Training in May.

Prayer points:


Please pray for our current group of students, that they will continue to grow strong in the Lord and start more discipleship groups as they reach new people.


Pray also that we will have an impact this year in our communities. We are trusting God for new salvations within our communities.


Please pray with us for a strategic venue. We are currently still meeting on Sundays in our house (Beukes home). We hope to find a place more centrally located and that can accommodate more people.


Please also pray for our upcoming trainings - they have been significant moments for us in the past. We have had some new salvations actually happen within some of our previous Victory Trainings.

Thank you!


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