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Blessings from Every Nation Tzaneen

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you what happened here with the church plant since the last time we spoke. In discipleship taking time to celebrate progress is important and with that in mind we set out an end of year celebration to celebrate the discipleship groups that have multiplied and also celebrate people that have helped us serve during the year.

For the last service of the year we had a family Sunday where we enjoyed fellowship and the guys tried their luck at bass fishing in the dam close to town.

We started the year of by joining the global church in the Awesome God series, and it is good to give the congregation a feel for the larger Church, to help them. We had our annual prayer and fast week from 18 to 22 January and we could really feel the impact of this in the congregation, who for many was the first time consecrating themselves in fasting and prayer.

During the week we took time to go and pray at the Hospital for health workers security and patients, we also went to the dam to pray for the town and our country as well as the new church plants in our family. On the Friday we had an open air worship evening with communion, where a couple of people that usually walk on the dam wall joined us.

We are thankful for your prayers with us for rain, and it is a pleasure to testify that the dams in the area are filling up quickly (I will add 2 photos of the dam, one taken November and the other last week)

We are also looking forward to a Making disciples training class in March, and trusting to equip the congregation to be effective in making disciples that can make disciples.

Prayer points

· Please pray for faith for our congregation as a lot of people were influenced by the impact of the restrictions, to walk by faith and not by sight.

· Pray for the Making disciples training that people will understand the importance and impact of discipleship.


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