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Tulips to the rescue in the Netherlands

Tulips to the rescue in the Netherlands... We trusted God for a creative way to ENGAGE & CONNECT with our neighbours even though we aren’t allowed to come close right now. The Netherlands is continuing indefinitely with social distancing in an effort to flatten the Covid-19 death rate curve. We found a tulip farm on facebook, selling off their flowers for cheap since most of the crops are being destroyed at the moment (due to corona situation). On very basic cards we wrote to our neighbours that we’re thinking of them, and we offered practical help and prayer if they need anything. We left a bunch in front of 19 of their doors, and sent our son Reuben out to ring the doorbells and jet back home. Wow, what a success! So many of them called us, messaged us and even put cards in our mailbox to say thanks. 19 neighbours now have our numbers and know that someone cares. And we have “met” many new neighbours we actually have never seen before. What a beautiful exchange we can have with others, even in a strange and isolated time like this. We trust God for more and more opportunities to spread the hope and love of Christ in this time for as long as the Covid-19 regulations remain in place. We pray for these connections to bear fruit and open doors for the gospel. Thanks again for all your prayers as we trust God to draw people closer to Him in this time! Jacques and Kobie


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