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Update from Brazil

Here is some feedback...

In retrospect 2019 was a year of laying foundations and consolidating, and we saw a small core group of people grow in their love and commitment to God and each other. Our spiritual family had grown in depth and through community and discipleship. We are seeing God heal broken souls, relationships and marriages.

If 2019 was a year of going deeper, we believe that 2020 is going to be a year of growth. We are trusting God for many salvations and for our discipleship groups to grow. Coming up soon we have a weekend away followed by a Victory Weekend and we are looking forward to seeing the church and our lost friends have encounters with God!

We are excited about the year ahead and are trusting God for salvation and our discipleship groups to grow. 

Some prayer points:

1. Salvations: We are trusting God for a year of new growth and many new disciples to be added to small discipleship groups.

2. Campus ministry: We need breakthrough in reaching students! A few years ago there was a prophetic word over the campuses of Latin America that there were like dry wood waiting to ignite into a great fire! 

3. Musicians and a worship team: Music is a huge part of Brazilian life and we would love to see more musicians added to the church so we can grow in Brazilian worship.

4. Upcoming church retreat and Victory Weekend: For God to meet with us!


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