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Update from Brazil

Along with churches all around the world, Every Nation Rio has been navigating the world of online services and meeting in small groups over Zoom while the country has been in lockdown.

As a small church plant, we were unsure of how this would go. But, God has continued to show us His faithfulness and remind us that He is the one who builds His church. Over the weeks, we have seen members of the church invite friends and family to join us online and two weeks ago, we had one of our largest services all year. Our small groups have been meeting online and we continue to grow slowly, knowing that God has great plans for the city of Rio and the nation of Brazil.

With over 5 million cases and 150,000 deaths, Brazil has been hit hard by COVID-19, and many people are still anxious and experiencing great hardship. Although numbers of cases are still high, cities are starting to open up again and it has been wonderful to start meeting face to face again in small groups. We are hoping to be able to meet again soon on Sundays.

Over the last month we have been preaching a series on relationships and marriage, which is an enormous area of brokenness in Brazil. The messages have been encouraging and challenging and it has been exciting to see couples and individuals grapple with the truth and believe God for better futures. We are trusting God to heal the troubled relationships and rebuild the broken marriages of people both in our church and those around us.

Our faith in the promises of God for the city remain strong. We continue to focus on honouring God and making disciples, knowing that Rio's best days are ahead.

Kids gathering at a barbeque last week

A ladies connect group


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