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Update from Brazil

2020 ended on a high note for Every Nation Rio as two of the members of the church were water baptised on the Barra da Tijuca beach. It was a significant moment for both Marselle and her brother-in-law Claudio, who were baptised, their families who witnessed the baptisms and for the church. Although 2020 was a difficult, confusing and strange time for many of us, the water baptisms were a reminder that God has been at work all the time and lives are being transformed.

In early January, the church joined the global Every Nation family in the week of prayer, fasting and consecration. It was exciting to see new believers fast for the first time, and we are already seeing the hand of God at work. The church is still a small gathering, but we have seen a couple of new families join our online services in recent weeks, and we are hearing testimonies of members finding favor in their workplace and others breaking out of old, destructive patterns of behavior. We recently received a prophetic word that God wants heaven to break into the church and the lives and families of the members, and we started a preaching series on faith and are trusting God for significant breakthrough this year.

The pandemic seems to have stabilised in Brazil and cities are opening up again. All our services have been held online since last year, while some small groups have met in person. We believe it is approaching time to transition back to live services, although we have gathered visitors from Sao Paulo through our online services. Please pray for wisdom as we navigate this transition to live/hybrid meetings.

Prayer points:

  • Extraordinary faith to grow in every member and for us to see the presence and power of Jesus.

  • For strong disciples who make more disciples.

  • For open doors on the university campuses.

  • For a new venue for us to meet in as we move back to live services.


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