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Update from Burundi

We are back from Burundi. It was an absolute God appointed time to visit the team. They have put a lot in place since September 2019 and have grown tremendously.

We visited the campuses with them and quickly realized that we need to spend more time with the core team. Over a period of two days we took time and helped them with discipleship and evangelism principals.

On Saturday we took the core team through the Connect Group principals and engage strategies.

Our Sunday meeting was a truly blessed time of great fellowship and after I preached we spent the rest of the day planning the next few months and helping with the One 2 One discipleship book.

The greatest need is to get all the Discipleship material printed in Kirundi, the local Burundian language. Please pray and trust with us for the funds.

We are still waiting for the Rector of the campus to give permission for us to work on the campus, please continue to pray.

Next week I will be in Zambia for a Scout mission to look at possibilities for church planting in Lusaka.

Please pray with us for Godly wisdom and insight

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and for your support.

We truly appreciate it

God’s richest blessings


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