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Update from Burundi

Jean Baptiste and his wife Gladys have been leading the church in Burundi since July 2019 when the Burundi government granted permission for the church to be started. . After being in the Philippines for 5 years the family decided to go home to Burundi and start a church in their home country.

The place where they meet as a church belongs to Jean and he decided to build on that land so he could use it as a church. It's unfinished but Jean's heart is to see many come to Jesus sacrificing his land.

They are currently working into 7 university campuses, which is incredible, having connect groups on a regular basis. His 2 daughters, Sheila and Jemimah, run the Children's ministry after being trained in Manila, Sheila is also an usher and Jemimah is also in the worship team. They are doing a wonderful job training the small children who come every week.

Every Friday morning they take time to intercede and pray and fast because they have door to door evengelism every Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and sometimes on Friday evenings.

Every Wednesday evening they have praise and worship at the church. As you can see their hands are full and are trusting God for musical instruments and a sound system.

This picture was taken early before the worship service, as you can see they are expecting a large number of people. After the service they also have connect groups.

They have people coming to the church for help because of lack of shelter and food. Jean has welcomed them in and given them a place to stay and food. This is an amazing example of what Jesus would do and how he loves us to reach out to people.

This is a picture of Jean preaching. We are very excited about what God is doing in Burundi and would like to encourage us all to pray for and encourage them do God's as they work.


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