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Update from Burundi

This is a picture of our Sunday service of February 14th 2021. The attendance reached over 80 people. We are experiencing the outpouring here. Today among visitors we received a mother of Deborah, our member, a young girl in the church. She is blind since when she was 16. Now she is above 35 with 5 children. She lives by begging in the streets. Her little girl is the one guiding her everyday. She gave a testimony because we visited her last week and all we declared and proclaimed what happened exactly the way we cried out! She is among those pictures. The walls of the house where she lives are almost about to collapse. We will have to build for her these coming weeks. Glory to God.

On Sunday February the 21st 2021, during our morning service, many young people did not come because there was a youth service prepared for the afternoon of the same day. The attendance reached more than 60 people, a little lower than expected. But the Lord moved as we were finishing our series from Matthew 5:1-12, entitled "THE BLESSED"

This week at our church service our attendance reached 70 people. But what is so extremely encouraging this month, is the way some connect groups start to be regular, meeting weekly and consistently. We thank God for that!

During our youth service the afternoon of Sunday the 21st February, 2021, young people came so many and it was hard to let them go home evening time. The sermon was powerful that people came running kneeling down at the alter during alter call. The text was from Genesis 37, the theme was, "GOD, MAKE ME LIKE JOSEPH"


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