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Update from Canada

Once again our heartfelt thanks to South Africa for your continued prayer and financial support. While 2020 had its challenges and uncertainty, a gospel centred ministry remains the same. Prior to Manitoba going into lockdown in March 2020, we were meeting on a Sunday morning with a few families in the chapel of Freedom House. We had spent the better part of 2019 meeting, building with and discipling a few families. Once the call came to suspend face to face meetings, we meet on a Thursday evening via zoom..

There is much excitement in Winnipeg in claiming the promise of revival in Canada starting with our Indigenous community. We are partnering with a local Indigenous ministry to provide mentoring, discipleship and leadership development. This is also the fulfilment of the calling we heard from God when He was preparing us to move to Winnipeg.

Canada has a similar history to South Africa with all the pain and hurt that came with Apartheid – Canada’s Indigenous communities are still working through a lot of these issues. We are working with them on developing reconciliation tools that can be used in “reserves” in Manitoba and Western Ontario. This program will be like the “What’s your Story” course Derrick designed and ran during the Grow courses at Every Nation Rosebank a few years ago.

Freedom House, the ministry we run in Winnipeg has been adopted by EN Canada as the socially responsible Initiative for Canada. Currently we provide takeaway breakfasts and Sunday dinners to the homeless and vulnerable communities in our area. In partnership with an agency of the Federal Government, we are providing a drop-in and warming space during the harsh winter. Here we have the freedom to play worship music and sermons and interact with people in a safe and creative way. The drop in centre is currently operating from 7 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. We serve breakfast and dinner every day.

As a family we covet your prayers as we faced disappointment not visiting our family in South Africa in 2020. While we are uncertain when we can came home for a visit we ask for prayer for peace and strength as we wait.

Blessings and love

Derrick and Priscilla


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