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Update from Kenya

No one knew that as we begun this year, that we would end up here. In March, we in Kenya went into government restrictions as COVID 19 became a reality. We are grateful that we could easily transition our young congregation online for our weekly gathering, as many had traveled back home as universities had shut down. This online platform was a bigger blessing than what we expected because it not only kept those who have been with us in Nairobi together but also allowed many who used to be a part of us to join in again in fellowship after having moved away from the capital after finishing with studies or work.

We also praise God for the creative ways that He had been working in our midst. We have seen our members starting discipleship meetings with their families at home or with old school friends that they had reconnected with through this time. Nothing is going to stop the gospel.

As restrictions have begun to loosen it was so good to be together in person over this past month with those in Nairobi and Mombasa. One of the ladies said when she came that she felt like we haven’t needed to catch up because we’ve been with each other so much online. We were able to share a meal together and enjoy some very loved Every Nation games in-between all the catching up and of course time of prayer.

Our church leadership team have been faithful and consistent in amongst all the challenges that this year bought. Johan and Marli Beukes were able to travel back to South Africa before the national lockdown. But Johan continued to lead remotely and bought much direction and much needed encouragement for the congregation. Lennon and Letty Hoffman are still in Kenya and continue through with the work on the ground. Our Kenya voluntary leaders Michael Kerosi and Dorcas Shiko are a big blessing to have on the team and are faithful in instilling a discipleship culture in the church.

We are excited about relaunching our discipleship groups for the rest of the year as people are able to meet more in person. And just as our people are dispersed around the country, we believe that there's even more places where the gospel can thrive. In two weeks time we are planning an outreach event to a public beach in Mombasa with those who live at the coast. We will be using “Jesus at the door” that we have and will be training on. Trust with us to be led to those who would give their lives to Jesus and new believers being added to our discipleship groups.


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