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Update from Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo Mozambique Update:

We have some great news to share with all of you in regards to these past weeks. God is faithful and it is such a pleasure and privilege to walk with Him. Jesus has touched more lives and He is leading us on as we follow with expectation.

How are we doing as a church?

We are doing so well as a spiritual family. Despite many challenges still derived from the Covid19 restrictions, we have seen God move and grow His church. We started again with our Sunday gatherings in August and since then momentum has just picked up. As we adhere to the Covid19 rules we have to admit that it feels silly to sit 1.5 meters apart in church and wear masks all the time. Nonetheless, we are so thankful to see each other more often and enjoy great fellowship times together.


The church is growing steadily as new believers are added and we praise God for every person who puts their faith in Jesus for salvation and are changed by His gospel. In the past few weeks we have seen 5 people added to the church who responded to the gospel. These people are in discipleship groups and growing spiritually. Many times people make a commitment, then to find later on that there was no sincere response to Jesus. Therefore we are overwhelmed with joy when lost people respond to the gospel and a new life in Chirst becomes visible followed by a hunger to know Jesus and His Word more. We are excited to see believers in the church reach out and share their faith with others in their communities.

Church momentum builders

We had quite a number of amazing events these past weeks as well. We have organised some worship evenings at the church and it has been extremely special. Coming together as a church to sing praise to our King always results in us being more in awe of Him, more fully surrendered to Him and more excited about His mission and purposes.

In September we also had a church camp for 3 days 50km outside of Maputo. This camp was especially for our core group of leaders and we focussed on team building and teachings on foundational values. It went so well and we praise Jesus for a time of establishing deeper connections with Him and with each other.

In October we hosted a Victory Training in which we also gave some of our local leaders an opportunity to teach on the different topics. This was one of those moments where Jesus touched lives with truth and shifted many convictions. It is always so encouraging to see a person embrace truth and align his/her life with the Bible. We had 9 new people attend and we are thankful for these defining moments.

The Beukes family

With us as a family, as you all would guess, it is also going extremely well! With our new baby boy Flippie in the house, it feels like Christmas has come early. It is really special to see each of the older three children interact with and enjoy him.

We are also very thankful that the SA - Moz border has opened. A negative Covid19 test is required though to cross over, but we look forward to the prospect of visiting South Africa in December.

Prayer Points:


Please pray with us for the church as a whole, that each person will abide in Jesus and experience His grace during this time. This year has been challenging for many people and in different ways. We trust that Jesus will keep us strong and focussed on Him, and that He will continue to build His church.


Also pray for our Visas that are due to be renewed for one more year on the 30th of November. Please pray that this process will go smooth and fast.


Lastly, please also pray for Flippie's documentation. We are trying to finalise his new ID and then also a passport before we can come and visit SA in December.

Once again, thank you all so much for building God's Kingdom with us in Mozambique. We appreciate each and everyone of you for your continual support, prayers and encouragement.

With much love

The Beukes family


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