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Update from Mauritius

On the 20th of March, three cases of COVID-19 were detected on the island. As a result, we were in confinement till 1st June. There are only two active cases of Covid-19 in the quarantine. The island is now back to normal, the schools have recently opened.

The connect groups and services were done through Zoom.

Some of our students who had gone to their nations joined us for the connect groups and services and invited their friends and family as well. It was amazing to see how people were so keen to connect and pray during the quarantine. COVID-19 has definitely disrupted our lives, but it has brought some good things. We are hearing of testimonies of families connecting again and being reconciled, parents having more time to spend with their children.

The international students on the various campuses are still on the island. They are having lectures and exams online and will resume in August and September. Some of the students were struggling to receive finances from their parents. The members in the church have been so generous and we have been able to help the students in need. As they have been sharing with their friends how the church has been looking after them spiritually and financially during the confinement; we have seen an increase in the number of students attending the church.

Last week Sunday was our first service after the confinement, we had more people than expected. It was really great to see all the news faces at church. Two new connect groups were started during confinement. Below is a picture of a lady who is receiving a certificate for being baptized on Sunday.


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