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Update from Mauritus

Every Nation Mauritius

February 2021

The year started with the annual prayer and fast and the Awesome God Series. We have heard of many testimonies from the Awesome God series: salvation, baptism, financial provisions, new job opportunities. Some of the hotels are being used for quarantine, we had to find a new venue in January. One Christian businessman offered his restaurant to be used for the Sunday services. The restaurant is next to the Engen garage close to the bus station. The new venue has increased our visibility among the locals. We also had some new locals joining the church recently. The kids ministry has moved from 2 kids to 10 kids. The older kids have finished the foundation class (one2one book).

The Sunday service venue is at the centre and people come from different parts of the island every Sunday. The focus is to start connect groups where people are staying. Ten new connect group leaders were trained in the last few weeks and they will be starting their connect groups in the coming weeks. The congregation consists of school kids, campus students, graduates, professionals and retired people. We are trusting to see growth not only in attendance but in the connect groups.

One testimony from a connect group is from Daniel, who has been attending church and connect groups for the last few years. In January this year, Daniel did the One2One with his connect group leader. He realized he had been a church goer and not a disciple, he has not been following Jesus. Daniel decided to public declare his faith in Jesus, in front of his physical and spiritual family. It was such a beautiful moment where Daniel’s family shared words of encouragement and affirmation to him. We are excited to see what God is doing in Daniel’s family; his mother started coming to church.


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