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Update from Mozambique

Greetings from Maputo!

We are doing really well as a church plant. We have many good stories and testimonies to share and we're thankful to experience God's faithfulness in this season.

The first exciting news we would like to share is that we have finally found our first church venue! This is a huge momentum builder as we will be much more strategically located within the city. Thus far our Sunday gatherings have been taking place within our house (the Beukes home), and it has been a huge blessing to kick off the church plant in this way. The new venue though will be much more accessible for everyone, and will also serve as a place where we can have our discipleship groups during the week and also our Victory and Making Disciples Trainings. We are very excited!!

We are also thankful to see that everyone within our congregation are doing well spiritually. Even though the coronavirus situation has brought many challenges, we are staying connected and have been encouraging one another in different ways. We can't wait to meet again together as a church! Please do pray though for our students and the local people here in Maputo in general - so many have lost their part time and even full time jobs and are trusting God day by day for provision and new opportunities. Please pray that we as a church will also be effective to bring hope to those around us and still be the light in a desperate and fearful world.

We are also celebrating the way our church members are reaching out to people with the gospel. Just this week we had the privilege of leading one of the electritians (who are helping out at our new church building) to Jesus and it was a wondrous occasion! Please also pray for him as he starts this new journey with Jesus - that he will grow spiritually as Biblical foundations are now laid in his life. His name is Samuel.

We are also doing really well as a staff team. We do hope though that the border between Mozambique and South Africa will open in the next few months so that Antoinette will be able to give birth on that side. We have asked whether our hospital plan in SA will cover her here but they explicitly said no. Her due date is end of Oct / first week of Nov. To our knowledge they have so far said that the border will open in September at the soonest, and latest in February. We know God will provide a solution either way.

Thank you to everyone for your continual support and prayers.

Much love

The EN Maputo team


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