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Update from Netherlands


It’s going really well with our young church plant. We’ve been in the Netherlands for just over a year now, and we are so thankful for the way God goes before us and leads us in each new step. We still have some social distancing regulations to adhere to, which means that we can host a maximum of 6 guests per home when we do our bi-weekly Sunday gatherings. We are very excited about our fellowship that keeps growing, and two homes just aren’t enough anymore.

Every other Sunday, we still meet online, and we are thankful for how this tool has been serving us, even though it doesn’t come close to face-to-face meetings. We still do connect groups and Nations Prayer meetings online as well.

PLEASE PRAY with us for a suitable Sunday rental venue, that would be open to a “religious group” like ours, as many organizations avoid being associated with religious activities.

We are also very excited to be part of the Every Nation Europe Evangelism Summit coming up soon! In short, what this means is that many churches all across Europe are going to work together on an ONLINE OUTREACH (using social media platforms and the GOD TEST) in Sep/Oct. This will also be combined by a GOD’S NOT DEAD event, hosted by Dr. Rice Broocks. We are currently in training, and preparing to receive those people who are ready to find out more about God.

PLEASE PRAY with us for many people in and around Utrecht to respond to these online campaigns. For many people across the Netherlands to come to faith, and for them to be added to the local church!

More about this awesome project at

Our Dutch proficiency is growing by the day, and we are taking turns to attend intensive language courses before the year is over… ERG SPANNEND! (Translation = “very exciting!”). Our families are doing well! The Pretorius clan just moved into a new home close to the city centre, and the Snymans will be welcoming their 3rd baby here in the Netherlands, in about two months' time.

As always, we want to thank the Reach team and our sending churches, together with all our prayer warriors and financial partners for making this plant a reality. We are trusting God for big things in Utrecht, and in the Netherlands as a whole. Your support means the world to us!


Philip, Maryke, Jacques and Kobie


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