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Update from Northwich, England

From Connection Church

Well it’s been an extraordinary year, yesterday marked 1 year of lockdown. But God has been working in the hearts and lives of people and behind the scene to accomplish His purpose. For those that have used this “time out” as an opportunity to go deeper, to press into God and to abide in Him, it has been a year well spent.

12 of our leaders signed up to do the Leadership 215 this year and the fruit from that has been phenomenal. We are so great-full for Kingdom partnerships.

Like many Churches we have been able to engage with neighbours, friends and work colleagues like never before, people have been so open to the gospel where previously doors were closed. This has meant we have been able to plant another 2 connect Groups which is really exciting.

Before lockdown we were meeting in a Community Hall, one of our frustrations has been not having our own facility, it has really limited what we can do in the community in so many ways. But we are now in the final stages of negotiating an amazing facility, right in the center of Northwich, We have found such favour with the Owners, and seen Gods hand involved in us getting our own building, a real answer to prayer.

We still have a few hurdles to get over with the Town council before we can start renovations so would really appreciate your prayers.

After our week of prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year I felt we needed to revisit our core values as a Church, to realign, recalibrate again and to continue to keep Jesus at the Center of all we do as well as remind the Church of the mission Jesus left us, to go into all the world and make disciples and to be devoted to “the word, to prayer, to fellowship and Breaking bread together” like the early church in Acts 2:42.

We are so excited for this year, there seems to be a real anticipation that God is on the move in-spite of all the stuff that’s going on in the world, His purposes prevail, He is sovereign, God Almighty, and we need to get into step with His plans.

We love and appreciate you all.

Blessings Andrew& Jacky

Our new church building


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