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Update from Rosebank

Over the last 3 weeks we witness 24 Salvations and 11 baptisms through our discovery groups (Small groups where we focus primarily fous on the one2one) on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We call them discovery groups as we are less about instruction but more about to discover relationship with God together. 

We minister to over 210 people on a weekly basis. Thank you for your prayers, support and volunteering.

Many volunteers have been equipped to lead and start small groups. Many are filled with joy and felt ministered to by serving others. (Luke 9 and 10)

We baptized a lady today with the name Ntombi. She shared how lonely, stressed and depressed she used to be.

“Ntombi was raised in a church as her father was a priest and along the way as she grew up she lost her Christian life and went astray. But during lockdown someone told her about a church that is feeding hungry people and she came over. When she arrived at church she saw young people serving God with love and become so touched. she came to her senses of her days when she was growing up and she talked to me about grace and how she can be part of the church and to be baptized and serve. So I told her to come and volunteer as she was so depressed and sitting at home doing nothing and without a job. As before lockdown she was working as a kindergarten teacher. I discipled her and she recommitted her life and she's in connect group along with her son Sikho and a lady which accepted Christ for the first time, her name is Aurtelia, she's also in our connect.”…


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