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Update from the Netherlands

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Greetings from the Netherlands

Dear Every Nation Southern Africa family,

In the Netherlands, 2021 started off with another hard lockdown due to the spike in Coronavirus cases. It is heartbreaking to know that so many people are going through major health challenges, as well as death of friends and family. On top of that, it intensifies the incredible need for the gospel to be shared and disciples to be made in the Netherlands.

The current lockdown seeks to limit human interaction to the bare minimum, by limiting groups to two, and any visitors to homes to only one person per day. This in turn causes new challenges such as mental health issues, financial loss, extreme loneliness, and even riots.

Despite all this, we have experienced God’s grace as Every Nation Utrecht in astonishing ways. We are exceedingly thankful to God for the ability to connect with each other online. As a church we started off 2021 with a week of praying and fasting and consecrating this new year to the Lord. Our church plant leaders, Philip and Maryke, also coh our Every Nation European Leaders, for a time of prayer and impartation. We are thankful for our greater Every Nation Europe family, for their support, vision, and unity.

Our discipleship groups are continuing to grow, as church members continue to love and reach out to their family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. We are currently a community of approximately 25 people, and we trust God that He will add more people to the church, as we continue to make disciples.

In 2021 we are trusting God to consolidate and duplicate.

Therefore, please pray with us,

1. That our church will consolidate, through relationships being set firm and made solid through the binding love of Jesus Christ.

2. That our church will duplicate, through every disciple investing the love of Jesus into the lives of those around them.


Every Nation Utrecht


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