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Update from Tzaneen

Blessings from Every Nation Tzaneen.

Since the lockdown regulations have been relaxed, we were able to meet together again on Sundays and for connect groups meet together in person, and I think we will never again take for granted being together in person and the joy that comes with digging into the gospel together.

In the last couple of months we have had a marriage course to begin to speak into statistics that show that in the Tzaneen area there is a 45.9% female headed households, and this attests to the brokenness in marriages and ultimately families. During the time we are spending together we are addressing the Biblical plan for marriage, and out of this we have the opportunity to disciple some that joined the course and that is a bonus.

We also had our first Victory training for the year, where we had 10 people join the training, and we truly had a weekend that impacted a lot of lives and we can now feel the impact of the freedom that flowed from the weekend. We prepared in prayer and fasting the week before trusting God to show up and we give all the glory to God for the impact of the weekend. There was a couple of people that experienced baptism in the Holy Spirit and also one baptism on the Sunday after the meeting.

In this time we also had a Nations Sunday to expose people to the need all around the world. We asked everyone to dress up as the nation that they were going to pray for. Everyone had to do research about the current situation in the country they were praying for and get prayer points to pray into. As we were praying together I could really see the compassion that people developed for these countries. We prayed for new church plants in our Every Nation family as well and ended off by having a meal, and fellowship together.

Thank you for praying with us continually, can you please pray with us for the following:

* Open hearts of the people we are intentionally reaching out to.

* A opportunity to go into discipleship relationships with the people we are reaching out to.


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