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Update from Tzaneen

Blessings from Every Nation Tzaneen

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you what happened here with the church plant since the last time we spoke.

We had a Making Disciples training with 12 people spending time with them and equipping them to make disciples and also expose them to the bigger picture of where we are headed and where are hearts should be when we are engaging people and when we are discipling them. After the weekend I am excited about how people reacted to the weekend and we are looking forward to the fruit of the impartation of the training.

From the beginning of the year we have started to encourage people to invite people in their circle of influence to come to Church and to move people into discipleship groups The Church is steadily growing, but in a way where the leaders that we have invested in last year are ready and equipped to lead a connect group.

We have also Baptised someone in the last month it was beautiful to see the fruit of discipleship in action.

On a personal front we have trusted for work for my wife and God has opened a door for her to work with children in netball development, and we are so grateful towards God, because we trusted God for work for her, but work that would give her a opportunity to reach out to kids and their parents and this was a perfect match.


Prayer points

· We have a Victory training coming up. Please pray with us for teachers and that the participants will experience victory.

· Our Sunday services are getting a bit full and we are looking to move to a bigger venue over the next couple of months, please pray for wisdom in the decision and for grace in the process.



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