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Update from Uganda

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Good day from Uganda.

A short update on what's happening in our church.

Our dream is to plant an Every Nation congregation within every division of Kampala and a campus ministry on every major campus, trusting that through these congregations many other disciple-making churches will be established in Uganda and beyond.

We had a successful Family Sunday on the 22nd/ Feb. The last Sunday of every month, we organize a family Sunday to celebrate new converts and new church members who have joined us in the month. This month we managed to prepare a Communion service with over 60 people including children attending the service and it was amazing to welcome 10 new people who joined our church family.

Every Thursday of the week, we are honoured to be hosting all the students who are part of our campus connect groups at the current venue. This Thursday we managed to host about 20 students from the Makerere University. The students are always treated with lots of games, tea and then we break off into different connect groups to digest the Word.

A couple of prayer requests

1. Permanent venue: We are still believing God for a Permanent Church Venue that is near Makerere University both for our church services and campus fellowship.

2. Financial provision: We are trusting God for ministry partners and provision to meet our monthly expenses both for human resource and administrative costs.


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