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Update from Zambia

Thank you again for praying with us for our recent trip to Burundi. Jean-Baptiste and his team still do not have permission to be back on the Campus but we do believe and trust it will come through this week.

I will be in Lusaka, Zambia 🇿🇲 this week doing a Scout mission. There are a few believers who studied in Windhoek, Namibia and was part of our Every Nation student ministry. They are now back in Lusaka and would love to see a disciple making church in their nation.

Please pray with us as we meet up with them to see the plan the Lord Jesus have for this special nation Pray also for God appointed meetings with the right people. Wendy will stay in Pretoria this week helping her parents with doctor visits , please pray for that as well. Please keep on praying for the ongoing work in 🇺🇬, Kenya 🇰🇪 and Malawi 🇲🇼.

Pray for our East African churches to grow in strong self sustaining, disciple-making churches and for a strong local East African leadership.


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